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Pause Fest is the world’s leading creativity and business event. For their 2018 program launch they needed something wild that would get the word out to the streets. Because the festival was all about cutting-edge and emerging technology, it had to be something daring with tech that nobody has done before.


We’ve reached out to Taboo agency to craft the idea and narrative for the launch and managed the process with the PR agency to make sure the news was placed in the right media channels. The special event was setup and filmed in front of the brave media audience for maximum exposure, to test their fainting capacity. The microchip provided volunteers with the VIP all-day festival pass, they just had to wave a hand over NFC readers located on entry points to conference rooms. The news spread like wildfire globally and was featured in Forbes, The Project, The Guardian, Herald Sun, TNW, ABC News, PSFK and Smart Company.


News broke out on the launch
Of earlybird tickets sold out in record time
Event was buzzing with excitement with new tech
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