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Pause Fest enriched its content approach over the years, evolving from short 15 sec logo animations to creating original content with a narrative of up to 3 min. This content would be played at the start of the screening sessions, but the festival format kept changing.


Motion Response, now known as the Pause Originals, offers a platform for artists to experiment and work together. Without a set outcome, just a theme, the artists would showcase their unique design styles through narrative and collaborate with others with the aim to sharpen their skills and be exhibited at the event.

Over time, these videos gained global recognition in the motion picture industry, leading to artists being featured in magazines, having media interviews, winning awards and new clients.

Recently, HEDON secured licensing of a 3 sec video from Onsal’s Pause Original for the latest George Miller's "Three Thousand Years of Longing" movie, and the video was also featured in the official trailer.


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